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The following industrial designers and product designers are among those who are noted for their accomplishments in industrial or product design, and/or who have made extraordinary contributions to industrial-design or philosophy.

This list is categorized by the main design movements of the twentieth century. Although many industrial designers of this list followed many such trends, they are listed under the movement they are most associated with.

Arts and Crafts movement (1850–1920)[edit]

The aesthetic movement (1860–1890)[edit]

Japonisme (1850–1920)[edit]

Also see Anglo japanese style

Thonet Bentwood (1850–onwards)[edit]

Art Nouveau (1880–1910)[edit]

Also known as Vienna Secessionist in Austria, Jugendstil in Germany, Glasgow school in U.K.

Glasgow School (1880–1929)[edit]

The Vienna Secession (1895–1905)[edit]

Note - This category also includes designers of the Wiener Werkstätte (1905-1932)

Jugendstil (1895–1905)[edit]

Modernism (1910-1939)[edit]

De Stijl (1917–1928)[edit]

Bauhaus (1920–1930)[edit]

Mid century modern (1945–1959)[edit]

Bauhaus Students

Scandinavian design (1950's)[edit]

Art Deco (1919–1940)[edit]

Constructivist architecture and Constructivism (art) (1920s - early 1930s)[edit]

Streamline Moderne (1870–1939)[edit]

Cultural Revolution Radical period (design) (1960-1979)[edit]

Pop design (1960's)[edit]

Italian design (1960-1970's)[edit]

Postmodern architecture (1959) onwards[edit]

Postmodernism: Style and Subversion 1970 - 1990[edit]

Studio Alchimia (1976-1980)[edit]

Memphis Group (1980-1987)[edit]

Japanese design and Architecture[edit]

Contemporary Industrial Design[edit]


Sensory design