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I'm not sure why so many articles on so many individual U-boats, but shouldn't there be a link to submarine in all of them? Ortolan88

There are so many articles on individual U-boats because I enjoy creating them. As for the missing link -- you, too, can edit this article. --the Epopt

I think it was a suggestion (and a reasonable one, IMHO) to at least mention that they are submarines to make the articles a little more self-explanatory.
Yes. I know I can edit any article I want to, but I don't know much about submarines. I put that comment in because I think an encyclopedia, particularly an on-line one, needs a strong orientation toward the reader and researcher. There's a hierarchy, submarine, U-boat, U-571. The reader needs to be able to see that structure and work around in it.
BTW, here's an interesting link: U-571, Enigma Machine, and all that.Ortolan88
I apologize for sounding bitchy about the link -- most of the U-boat articles do have a link to submarine; obviously I've missed a few. If you can help me track them down, I'd appreciate it. Find a point, the earlier in the article the better, where I've said "the boat" and change it to "the [[submarine]]" and we'll be set. Thanks for the link! --the Epopt