Raja Habib al-Khuzaai

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Raja Habib al-Khuzaai
رجاء حبيب الخزاعي
President George W. Bush greets Dr. Raja Habib Khuzai of the Iraqi Governing Council.jpg
President George W. Bush greets Dr. Raja Habib al-Khuzaai
Member of the Governing Council
In office
July 2003 – 28 June 2004
Preceded byCouncil created
Succeeded byCouncil dissolved
Personal details
Political partyNational Iraqi Alliance
ProfessionDoctor, Politician

Raja Habib al-Khuzaai was a member of the Interim Iraq Governing Council, created following the United States's 2003 invasion of Iraq, and one of only three women on the twenty-five-member governing body.[1] She has also been a member of the Iraqi National Assembly, elected under the banner of the United Iraqi Alliance. Although she lived in the United Kingdom in the 1960s and 1970s, she returned to Iraq in 1977. A Shia Muslim, al-Khuazaai is a medical doctor[2] who currently directs a maternity hospital in the southern Iraqi city of Diwaniyah.


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